Contemplations & Reflections (with Toni Matulis)

Maroon & Gold

Bloomsburg State College (PA) - September 30, 1966

Big Name Entertainment Committee Faces Rash of Student Comment

Since the announcement of the entertainment for the Homecoming concert, there seems to be much discontentment around campus. Most students say that the Big Name Entertainment Committee just hasn’t gotten a “big enough” name. They hardly remember “The Highwaymen,” and have never heard of the comedy team of Long and Daniels at all. On the whole, the student body’s reaction has been a disappointment, and a feeling of being cheated. The students want to know who made the choice, and what the basis for the decision was.

A Few Problems

For the answer we went to Skip Bracken, CGA Vice-President, and chairman of the BNE Committee. He said that he started work on the project as soon as he was elected, but that was [in] May. He told us the names of the acts he tried to contact. They were definitely Big, Big Name Entertainment, and would have pleased most students. (We realize that no one could please all the students…)

The top name on the list was Tijuana Brass. But they were untouchable because of their extremely high price. The others were already booked because most colleges contract their Homecoming entertainment in the early spring. To avoid this situation next year, the election should be held earlier, and the present vice-president should start work for Homecoming as early as possible.

Best Possible Choice

Of the choices remaining, Skip believes that he made the best possible decision. He had to keep in mind the fact that there would be a mixed audience at Homecoming since there are always many alumni present. In addition, a group with a less familiar name would be less expensive, and enable him to book a top group for Spring Weekend. (The Supremes, maybe.) “And I’m not going to apologize for any act I present because they are going to be good entertainment,” commented Skip.

In the final analysis, the success of the concert will be left to the individual student. Isn’t the purpose of the Big Name Entertainment really to entertain, and not to flaunt the “name”? We had better decide which is more important.