Contemplations & Reflections (with Toni Matulis)

Maroon & Gold

Bloomsburg State College (PA) - September 16, 1966


It has been said more than once that there are things that one cannot put a price on. Among these are honor, friendship, virtue, and devotion. Things like these are given, not bought, and it is probably as it should be, as some people couldn’t afford too many of these qualities. What Is Spirit?

Different people, it seems, have different interpretations of what each virtue is, so it is no wonder that there may be some discrepancy over the true form and meaning of “spirit,” specifically at BSC.

Orientation is an annual ritual at most American colleges and universities; it is a ceremony of initiation filled with mixed emotions for the incoming Freshmen. Some dread it, some find it amusing or entertaining, and some merely “coexist” with or against it.

But, no matter which campus it is on, some students accept it antagonistically, as some sort of personal affront when, in actuality, it is merely the forefront of that fleeting entity, “spirit.” Spirit Is More Than…

"Spirit" at BSC isn't necessarily the cheering that is brought forth by the Pep Committee; nor is it the seemingly stupid stunts that are imposed, the dinks and name signs, or one of a hundred other things tied to Orientation. It Goes Much Deeper Than That

The Spirit of Bloomsburg is the upperclassman who seems almost happy to give you directions; it is the professor who may go just that little bit out of his way to make you feel more at ease in his classroom; it is the dean who is running around campus trying to see that everyone is taken care of properly; it is a student on the Orientation Committee, or on the Pep Committee, who points to the right door to use or gives you a confidential warning about not doing something which you may not have been aware of was a no-no. It is the personnel around the campus who try (despite mounting difficulties due too construction) to keep BSC an attractive campus; and it is your Fellow Frosh: the one who helped you lug your suitcase to your room, or who said “Hello!” when he was just as lost and scared as you were. The List Could Be Large

All of these and millions more that you could list and send in to our office in your many hours of free time (sic) constitute BSC’s “spirit”

It’s never as bad as it seems…