Contemplations & Reflections (with Toni Matulis)

Maroon & Gold

Bloomsburg State College (PA) - May 19, 1967

This May Have Been the Year That Was--But Not Quite

Tis the end of another school year, and as we gaze at the far horizon (when it happens to be visible through the haze and drizzle) and see no mushroom-shaped cloud we can all rejoice and feel all types of happy in the knowledge that we have managed to complete one more year of our education uninterrupted by minor disturbances such as total warfare. The end, tho, is sometimes only a new beginning in disguise, and as such it does not do one harm to go back and review those events leading to the end so as to have a better grasp of the new eras we are about to embark upon. (How’s that for piling it on?)

“Let's Start Here." Right?”

A month ago (our April 14th issue, to be exact) this column featured a first-hand report of a grassfire on the golf course. It was so insignificant that it would have been omitted had it not occurred on college property. In the course of the sketch I made reference to overtime pay in connection with the firemen. This has apparently been interpreted to mean that the fire departments in Bloomsburg are salaried, when in fact they are a volunteer group. And as volunteers they are to be congratulated for their community spirit. Right? Rite.


Elsewhere this week we have reflections on the coffee house. This, it seems, has been one of the principal additions to the cultural and social life at ole BSC, as Larry Phillips stated. The only pity is that it did not maintain the head of steam under which it began. It had to be closed for lack of customers, but with spring here (“What’s Spring?”) the idles of students usually turn to other interests—quite understandably. There are plans afoot to make some additions and do some odds and ends of work at the subterranean hideout over the summer months, so that anyone interested enough can drop by and lend a hand or two (if you’ve got them). It will be a little bit different next fall.

Times to Ad

It should be noted that in the magazine section of last Sunday’s New York Times there was a full-page, color ad by the Magee Carpet Company of Bloomsburg, Pa. The eye-catcher read “Schultz The Carpet Ripper.” Right? It was not without its pun, either. The ad read further, “He’s the Terror of Bloomsburg, Pa.” Schultz the Carpet Ripper the Terror of Bloomsburg—punny, punny. They also placed an ad in The New Yorker: “The Michelangelo of Bloomsburg.” (Somebody downtown has a sense of humor after all— began to give up on them for a while there.) That ad deserves a raise for someone—I’ll probably get word this week that he’s a volunteer, too.

Getting Back to Memories

We won’t go into Orientation, as people are usually just as willing to forget that as remember it—only real good part about it is that it is probably the most concentrated cluster of social events the college sponsors all year… We can mention in passing the past year’s Homecoming in safety, as the Huskies downed Millersville and featured quite a well-planned-out roster of activities… All of the year’s events weren’t exactly social or athletic, tho: there was a successful Bloodmobile visit, a good Spring Arts Festival, and interesting Spring Weekend (weather and all), some excellent Assembly programs, a social studies colloquium of some note, and four productions by The Players.

More? More

But that’s not all: Don Schollander almost made it to the All Sports Banquet; Jay and the Americans got some “disjointed” jokes out in public without being called to the office for a little talking to; John Montgomery stayed “high” all season long for some well-earned kudos in the high-jump; we pulled a scoop of on the nation’s other colleges by getting first-hand coverage of Expo ’67 (with nowhere to put it); Rebekah Ward kept Miss Eastern Pennsylvania at BSC; Doctor Herbert joined the staff of the M&G (unofficially, of course, as he didn’t want to lose his amateur standing); the Tennis Team did the job this year; while Patty Derr and Dick Leahy prepared for a cold Arctic reception over the summer, Gary Shuey had a warm homecoming after taking Governorship of Pennsylvania’s Circle K.

More? Well, A Little…

There have also been time where and when: the Chess Team went completely burr-zurk and took on all comers to BSC’s advantage; the Sports Editor started The Sports Column—and stopped it; our shorthand team took a solid 1st place; the Serendipity Singers sang; Joe Gerst took an NAIA Division Title; a few pieces of instruction were begun about the campii; we made a return of the Winter Weekend practice; and a couple-a million-en-one other things. In some ways it may not have been The Year That Was, but then again, it wasn’t The Year That Wasn’t, either—it was probably more than not somewhere between: The Twilight Zone, perhaps? Perhaps we should wait until a few years have passed to view it objectively—but by that time we may be looking to the far horizon and seeing a little mushroom-shaped cloud.