Contemplations & Reflections (with Toni Matulis)

Maroon & Gold

Bloomsburg State College (PA) - April 7, 1967

Due to lots-en-lots a-stuff lying around here that should be in this issue, on this page, but which cannot because of many and sundry mundane commitments of policy (and purse-strings) be printed in their entirety, (in all humility to our worthy contributors) have incorporated them herein:

Expound on Expo

Having had the opportunity to visit the site of EXPO’67 in Montreal over Easter vacation, we are presenting the first in a series of weekly features on various pavilions elsewhere on this page.

Movies are Made of These

Movies are sort-a kool. While in Montreal I saw a French film (award-wining, no less) called A Man and a Woman; see it! Also saw the preview screening of Way Out at the Columbia Theater last week with some pleasant company—it is a chronicle of drug addicts—most interesting. Larry Phillips saw Night of the Generals and reports that generally speaking the movie was very much “artificial.” Mmmmm.

One Hundred Ten

It’s phenomenal what a good director can do with an oversized cast and an undersized stage—sort of what a frustrated editor can do with a full-sized collection of material on a much-stuffed page. Congrats Players on a good job. For more space…

Muchly Needed Space

Before I really run into the hole with space this week, thanx is due to the officials at EXPO’67 and to the hospitality of certain Canadians. Till then-