Contemplations & Reflections (with Toni Matulis)

Maroon & Gold

Bloomsburg State College (PA) - March 3, 1967

The Koffee Krowd

Despite (or perhaps because of) very negative weather last weekend the “Bye The Way” coffee house maintained its record of capacity crowds since its opening three weekends ago. There was some new action in the spotlite which kept the house quiet (no meager accomplishment in itself) and it is hoped that each weekend will see a new flo of talent. A meeting of interested people (this includes anyone who frequents the coffee house) is to be held each Sunday nite at 7:30, at which time there will be open discussion of progress made, and suggestions for improvements and innovations. The House is functional on Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 12:30 and Sundays from 8 p.m. to 11:30. Bring your girl, your mother, or your guitar.

For Fledgling Philosophers

"Their virtue is acknowledged; who could doubt it? But you won't hear them beat the drum about it!" says Cleante in Moltiere's Tartuffe. This brings up a very interesting point(?): Can we thereby assume that one is not what he says but what he does not say he is? I’m sure that you are as knowledgeable as I am on that. Let us picture a case in point: Bruce Wayne is confronted by the Commissioner. The Commissioner has heard a rumor from a rival TV network that Bruce Wayne is really Batman!; he has also read this issue of the M&G and knows the magic quotation. Close-up of the Commissioner. He speaks: “Bruce Wayne (he snickers into camera 3) “I have learned form a very eminent source that there is a magic character formula. Be very careful when you answer this: Are you Batman?” Bruce Wayne tenses. “I am not Batman,” he answers. “Ah ha,” the Commissioner answers. “You have trapped yourself, not to mention that you have corrupted 50 million kids who have just seen their hero lie!” How did we get here Hmmmm—

"Throw Me a Line"

"We are the hollow men/We are the stuffed/Leaning together..." says T.S. Eliot in The Hollow Man. If you think I’m gonna go into an explanation like the last one, forget it--! Maybe we’d just better stop and ponder this one quietly and then make a list of all of the hollow people we know, toss them into a pile, and watch the earth be consumed when we lite a match to it. Yes.

Buk & Mag Rak

The world-shaking buk has finally been released! It is by John Gruen and is called The New Bohemia, and it is publicized as an “uncensored guide” to the East Village. Great! Too bad there have been no true bohemians left in the East Village for some years. They migrated long ago and left it to the sight-seekers, homosexuals, curiosity-seekers, hi-rent landlords, souvenir-salesmen, and status-quo enthusiasts. The only profound thot that he brings 4th is that “such colonies or subcultures exist throughout the United States and also as a social phenomenon on an international level.” Eight years ago it would have been a fabulous buk that would have made the Village as devoid of true bohemians as it is now; today it is mildly interesting as a guide to where-the-beats-used-to-live at $1 from Grosset & Dunlap, Inc., 51 Madison Avenue, NYC, NY 10010.